Picturing Individuality Starbucks Starbucks2015
Reading my driving safety handbook and sales & marketing management book. Time to recall everything from college for my Day 1 with my new work (that I won't disclose it yet). And enjoying my new Starbucks2015 Planner with matching autumn-like flavor made by my Lola and I. As requested, a special mention to Mr. Darwin Reyes (@dorkydars) for being the last person to give a sticker for this SB planner. ? Salamat! Masonjar Books Music Eyeglass ParkerPen Pen Chill VeryProductiveDay
Day 51 > from PH to SG. Thank you for the christmas presents! 😊😚 i lurve it! 😍 @fenelia127 @kringles @akanir @josefparchejo @iamsuperbianca 100happydays 100happydaysofgelai Starbucks2015 Anchor Boatwheel PaanoBaTo Mirrors
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