July 2015, Sarajevo, Sarajevo City Center. A shopping mall built by Al Shiddi Trading Establishment. One of my favorite buildings in the town~ 2015年7月 僕の大好きな建物です。素敵なビルですね~~ TBT  Scc Sarajevo سراييفو サラエヴォ サラエボ Bosnia Urban Urbanistic Architecture
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Most students are in classrooms while the rest of them are waiting for their next class to start. Sccollegealumni Scc Santiagocanyoncollege
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Off to school bright and early 😒 Statistics  Scc School NEEDMORESLEEP tired chilly beautiful color home oc california usa sunrise simplybeingalice collegelife
SCC campus tour with Hillview High School seniors. @sccollegealumni @sccollege DiscoverSCC Sccollegealumni Scc Santiagocanyoncollege College
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1st day of being a 2nd year tomorrow. 💪 Scc
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Royalist Scc Square Rigger Pirate Water Nautical Vessel Sailing Ship Tall Ship Sea Harbor Mast Moored Beach Sailboat Marina Commercial Dock Calm Pier Dock Jetty