I'm writing you from the moon, where I came looking for you. Hanging Out Taking Photos Black & White Enjoying Life Chihuahua Bohra
• P L A C I D I T Y • • • • • • • • • • • • • Phoneonly Photography Mobilephotography PhonePhotography VSCO Polarr Snapseed Monochrome Xiomimi3 Clickanation Mosoleum Tomb Architechture Islamicarchitecture Marble Carving Handcarved Monument Peace Travel Wanderlust Bohra Muslim Sky Clouds mimarets rajasthan
Divine | shot this at alhussain mosque in cairo. The city has lot of architechture to offer from different era and cultures. Egypt Art Culture Hussain Shia Tourism Mufaddal Bohra
Sidhpur Bohra Night Smartphonephotography photography calm peace peaceful