Throwback 18yo Travelling Shineonme Gogogo ✈✈
Happy Birthday Aiss 🎂 Be better 😍😍🎁🎊 18yo January2016
Ourkoople Martiniquaise Indienne 18yo Paris Black & White Lips Photooftheday Girl First Eyeem Photo
My girl💞 Hanging Out Taking Photos Check This Out That's Me Hello World Cheese! Hi! 18yo Birthday Goodnight Frenchie Me French Brunette Kiss Friends
On that riiight Taking Photos Hanging Out That's Me Cheese! Hello World Enjoying Life Brunette Medstudent Hi! Check This Out French Frenchie Me Goodnight Birthday 18yo
Rien_a_faire Sport_my_life Ennuis Booba_a_lecoute French Boy 18yo
Ourkoople Martiniquaise Indienne Photooftheday Paris Girl 18yo Tired Bored Holidays
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