Look who I found still hanging out at our old hotel, @pfurnee, Hankthebigreddog ! Vertattack memories continue.
Seen in the Vertattack cafe Antihero
Vertattack 7 will be en fuego this weekend in Malmo Sweden with Vert Skateboarding by some of the worlds best. Vertisnotdead skatevert watch the live webcast starting early Friday and Saturday morning (8 hours ahead of CA time) at
Malmö, Sweden bound tomorrow. Shot from last year's Vertattack 6 - taking an Eggplant over the channel after trying the same 2 days prior, only to miss the plant and fall, upside down, all the way to the bottom straight to my left shoulder... Thanks @tagstersmag Thankyouskateboarding
Had to reshare this photo @pfurnee took of me in Sweden - straight from SF to ChannelPlant egg at Vertattack Redemption for last year's harsh slam within minutes of arrival, I had to get back on the horse. Skating is living!
Got home from work to find a sweet package from @pocketpistols. Thank you Chicken and @spidey75! Just in time for Vertattack ! Fired up on the new wood to try, the rad shirts and by the kindness of others. Thanks Spidey for looking out and thank you Chicken for helping out. Thankyouskateboarding