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“Going to the woods is going home.” ― John Muir 》》》Thank you 2014 for teaching me to slow down and go outside. Thank you 2014 for giving me the practice of hiking that has forever changed my life. Thank you 2014 for reminding me of nature’s simple beauty. Thank you 2014 for showing me how to embrace the quiet parts within myself. Thank you 2014 for guiding me to move forward in life with compassion. Thank you 2014 for presenting me a with sense of perspective because knowing that there is a greater world beyond me is grounding, humbling, and comforting. ♡ Dear 2015, let’s keep this going. Let’s keep slowing down and going outside. And I’d like to add an additional intention for 2015, a word I’d like to embody: NOURISH. 2015 shall be a year of nourishing. Of sustaining, cherishing, fostering, strengthening our world, my world with what is necessary for life, health and growth. I can’t wait. Convictlake Laurelmountain Monocounty Mammothlakes sierranevadamountains sierras california roadtrip highway395
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