Sketches Todayinart
Started shading today! Hermione Todayinart Ebony Art1
I had to pick the most detailed thing hoopes had on a table to sketch... Unfinished Todayinart Art1
It's coming along... slowly but surely .... hope itll be done this week :) Todayinart Hermione Ebony Art1
My saturday night <3 Todayinart Hermione
My driving school doodles. Todayinart
I just made this in gimp! It took forever ... Todayinart Purpleplanet
My still life is being more vivacious every day ... Punintended Todayinart
Shes finally done !!!!! Woo!!! Art1 Todayinart Hermione
Sketch layout for my color theory tempra painting ~ Todayinart Tempra Sketch Layout math colortheory
Cherry blossoms Todayinart
E' finito Colortheory Art1 Todayinart
we took notes in art today... and i was bored.... Todayinart Shutitkyle @_kyleanderson_
The random things I do with my freetime in art Todayinart Shutitkyle
My watercolor is coming along... Todayinart Watercolor
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