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Welcome to Bondi - where the beach comes to you. Sydney Sydneystorm Bondi Bondibeach Australia sand aftermath sandeverywhere apocalypse
Total anarchy in Sydney today. Kids have moved in quick and completely taken over the Bondi skate park, utilising it's current situation as a post-apocalyptic sandpit. Newcomers are iniated via a ritual where one must jump from the edge of the rim down into the sand at the deepest point of the bowl below. It is uncertain how long this occupation will last. More at 11 Sydney Sydneystorm Bondi Bondibeach Australia sand aftermath apocalypse skatepark
So sorry for not posting in a long long time, but now assessments are over and more posts to come! So in Sydney, it has constantly been raining and thundering for the past week non-stop and I mean non-stop literally pouring down and thundering at 4-6pm everyday. ☁???⚡so here's to me for the first time in my life capturing lightning through a camera lens. Yay! Sydneyweather Sydneystorm Lightning Rain
Storms over Sydney Sydneystorm Sydney Lightning Lightning Strikes
What I'm calling leaf ghosting after the Sydneystorm Literalstreetart
Just had a blast of torrential flash flooding in Sydney and now it's cleared up completely to this at sunset. I was caught in the thick of it and now there's an ocean in my shoes. What an aftermath though Sydney Sydneystorm Clouds Sunset storm iwishihadmycamera
Sydneystorm Clouds And Sky Storm Taking Photos Sydney
God damn lol... It's quite nippy Sydneystorm