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Originally an example of Bad Photography , this image was about I be deleted, when I Decided to play with it, take a Chance and see where we go. And Surprisingly it didn't turn out all that Ugly . I Like what I see, perhaps if I look longer I might just all on Love , who knows!!! Ig23 C0m Pune Photography Tuesday Onwaytowork Lenspopart
The meaning of “cosmos”, or “kosmos” in Greek, is “beautiful”. Cosmos flowers or Maxican Aster is many colors, but Cosmos sulphueus is yellow or orange. That’s why, it look bright and bright. However, this beautiful yellow flowers are easily damaged with soft petals. Planting to grow well, bloom and colorful petals, should be planted in the sun or winter. Collecting beautiful flowers in glass bottles to decorate home to be natural. It is what makes everyone feel relaxed and happy. Beautiful Blooming Flowers Colors Cosmos Lifestyle Planting Flowers Rural Rustic Winter Blooming Colorful Cosmos Flowers Flower Flower Arrangement Flowering Plant Focus On Foreground Green Color Grow Nosegay Relax Surprisingly Table Vase Of Flowers Veranda Yellow