Apartment Harmoni, Damansara Damai

cus onion and chili made me tear a lot when I was first time make noodles for him,also his was saw that so when I make noodles everytime he will be help me deal with them then I don't need cut onion and chili anymore, since first time them made me tear a lot, he's sweet not need to told to me just doing it for me,nice guy!! Sweet Warm Patient Niceguy onionchilitear <3...^^
I made Maggi noodles it's delicious...yummy!! Maggi Fastnoodles Tasty
Eggfiredrice Firsttimemade NotBad Toomanyoil lookingnice
Periodcoming Belly Lilpain Feelingupset massage
Eyelashes Roughface Cleantime Acne bedtime
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