Sambhar lake

Extracting the salt from Sambhar lake, some 30 km west of Jaipur , India, is hard work, indeed, for men and women alike. But local women still find the time to choose beautiful fabrics and exquisite jewelry for their every-day attire. Gold India Indian Culture  Proud Ruby Sambhar Lake Traditional Clothing Travel Photography Front View Headshot Human Face Incredible India Jewelry Lifestyles Mature Adult Nosering One Person One Woman Only Rajasthan Real People Red Sambhar Travel Destinations Travel Portraits Travelphotography
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Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan, India, is a salt lake (or a salina), a place where salt is harvested by water evaporation. Many women work in this operation, especially unloading the salt wagon when they arrive at the treatment plant. It is incredibly hard work, and yet they manage to make it seem easy and are able to accomplish their toiling task even in their traditional, beautifully colored clothes. Hard Work India Salt Sambhar Lake Toilet Traditional Clothing Work Working Day Hard Job Hard Life Labour Manual Labour Rajasthan Real People Salina Salt - Mineral Salt Lake Sambhar Toiling Women
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