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Koban Japanese Koban Police Station Musium Landscape_photography Landscape_Collection Landscape House Musium Old House The Architect - 2016 EyeEm Awards
今日は礼服買いに行く→大阪行く→京都行く、という感じでした。 まぁ買い物しに行ったわけですが、結局何も買わず。 …礼服買ったくらいか。 結構歩けたから、良しとしますか。 京都 Kyoto 大阪 OSAKA 礼服 交番  Koban
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Ultimate Japan Be acquainted with the local police post known as koban. One of their main roles is to provide assistance in directions and maps. This particular structure is located at Ueno Park. It is always interesting & delightful to find others with different structures that accommodate the style of that precinct... Koban Police Station Ueno Ueno Park Taitoku Tokyo Japan Structure Aechitecture Building Unique Unique Architecture Unique Building Transformer
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千葉駅東口のふくろう交番。いつ見てもシックリこないなぁ^_^; Policestation Owl Koban Ollioclip Ollioclipfisheye Fisheye
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