Last class of the day. . Before the library ??? Emu EMUNURSING Nursingschool Healthassessment NursingStudent ineedcaffeine idliketobeschleep HEENT
Official first day is Wednesday. .. however ☝ my syllabus says ^^^^^ ????? And so it begins? Healthassessment PrepU Nursingschool Nursingstudent Nursing EMUNURSING EMU chapters
Just me. . Health assessment, cold pressed green juice && 6 more hours on the clock! 3rdshiftshawty Reading Healthassessment Nursingstudent NursingSchool Nursing coldpressed greenjuice yummy veggies chaptersonchapters startoutstrong
Little Study buddy Willow Weekendsareforstudying Healthassessment Nursingstudent Nursingschool Nurs220 puppiesofinstagram AFhoodie
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