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New Years Resolutions 2016 Savingmoney
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This is my saving jug. The goal is $2,000 and then I turn the jug over and start at the bottom with 2,000 and work my way to 20,000 xD on my way to saving for a car Savingmoney GoCar Needacar Saving Money Livingthesavinglife Herewego Myownmoney Foracar
Price before Coupons and Savings $34.33 price after $9.98. Gotta love Savingmoney
Ht trip 1: total before coupons $66.83. Total after coupons $ 25.78 Coupons Harristeeter Triplecoupons Savingmoney
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Also got replacement heel tips for my lovely lady's boots. Bout to get my Mechanical Kenny on and fix these up. I'm such an awesome boyfriend haha. Savingmoney
Dropping off a Videocamera for a local Pastor . Also saved him money but telling him what NOT to buy and what they could return... MediaConsulting Savingmoney Stewardship
Rooomate breakfast Savingmoney
cut my hair shorter! its kind of hard to tell but i did! <XD so um yah Savingmoney Fuckyea Selfieupinthisshiz Cutthattarzanhair Noweave
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Muh..... Cheese! Hi! Enjoying Life ArtPop Art Gallery Berlin Taking Photos Art? Savingmoney
Muh... Cheese! Taking Photos Savingmoney ArtPop Berlin Art Gallery Smile ✌ Art?