16:9 crop

16:16 (Japan standard time) 24, January 2017 Nagasaki Seaside Park (長崎水辺の森公園) Nagasaki Today Today's Last shot de Good evening 16:9 Crop 28mm Adapted To The City Clouds And Sky Harbor View Landscape_photography Nagasaki Outdoors Quantum Of The Sea Today's Weather Report Walking Around The City
1st shot of day / 6:30 a.m Kasegawa 16:9 Crop LUMIX G VARIO 14-45/F3.5-5.6 Lumix GX1 Morning Light October 2015 On The Road One Shot Wonder Riverwalk SAGA International Balloon Fiesta This Morning
Night Walker Rainy Days : Streetphoto_bw Nightphotography Monochrome Waiting In The Car Kozen machi Nagasaki City / LUMIX L10K set 16:9 Crop How's The Weather Today?
Abeno/Osaka, rambling with a Leica Q : Wall Art Kusama Yayoi 草間彌生 Building Exterior Communication Text Outdoors Architecture Streetphoto_color Part Color EyeEm Best Edits Q typ116 28mm 16:9 Crop April 2017 walking around the City Abeno OSAKA Japan Scenery
Snap a Stranger : today's last shot Sitting Around Low Position Snapshots Of Life Gion Shijyo Station Keihan Line Gion Kyoto Kyoto, Japan IPod Touch Photography 33mm 16:9 Crop walking around 京都市  祇園 Go to my home, Nagasaki City.
One Fine Day Departure, Cruise Ship Diamond Princess Giant turning round : Matsugae International Terminal, Nagasaki City. GX1+ LUMIX G VARIO 14-45/F3.5-5.6 28mm 16:9 Crop de Good afternoon Departure Port City Evening Glow Landscape_photography Photography In Motion Nagasaki JAPAN
17, March 2016 MS Queen Elizabeth last shot : Nagasaki Seaside Park (長崎水辺の森公園), Nagasaki port MHI’s Nagasaki Shipyard . Photos(iMac) edit de see you later 16:9 Crop 28mm Cruise Ship Cunard Harbor City Harbor Springs Harbor View Landscape_photography LUMIX G VARIO 14-45/F3.5-5.6 Rule Of Thirds Sea And Sky Snapshot Walking Around The City
Connected By Travel Architecture Building Exterior Sky Travel SPAIN Andalucía Sunny Warm Water Reflections Summertime 2017 Shadows & Lights Shadow Black 16:9 16:9 Crop Arabic Arabic Architecture Perspective
Blackandwhite Black And White Blackandwhite Photography Architecture Architecturelovers Architecture_collection Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White EyeEm Around The World Eyeem Architecture Lover Scenic View Scenicphotography Asian Architecture Japan Photography Japanese Garden Japanese Architecture Scenery Shots Film Photography 16:9 Crop Ultimate Japan BYOPaper! EyeEm Awards 2016 in Tokyo , Japan The Week On EyeEm Been There.
Waiting : Cat♡ IPod Touch Photography Morning Light Today 16:9 Crop How's The Weather Today?
My funny friend Bird Photography In My Garden How's The Weather Today? Urban Nature / V-LUX1 420mm 16:9 Crop
It happened a day : Somewhere Nagasaki 16:50. 16:9 Crop 50mm F2.8 Against The Sun Before Sunset Happy People Just One Shot People Photography Real People Sea And Sky Showcase: December Silhouette Sunset Silhouettes Untold Story Seaside Station 千綿駅
Across The Street Nagasaki electric Tramway : Nishi Hamano machi 16:9 Crop Sunday Morning On The Road Early Good morning? EyeEm Vintage Filter plus / Panasonic GX1
Riverside Nakashima River, Nagasaki City : 16:9 Crop People Watching Streetphoto_color Urban4 filter plus/ Panasonic  LUMIX GX1 50mm prime lens
Walking Around "Nagasaki Lantern festival" 14:41(Japan Standard Time) Megane bashi, Nagasaki-shi Today's Hot Look 16:9 Crop LUMIX GX1 50mm prime Lens Fresh1 filter plus Asian Culture Good evening
Photographic Memory Tokyo Street Photography Tokyo Sentimental : Ginza chuo dori Street Ginza 8 chome Tokyo,Japan Crossing On The Street Corner People Watching Streetphoto_color Street Photography Early Morning A Day Of Tokyo Just One Shot November2015 / Panasonic Lumix GX1 28mm Kitlens 16:9 Crop
On The Bridge Water Reflections Ordinarypeople Nakashima River Nagasaki City / LUMIX G VARIO 50mm Spot Urban3 filter plus People Watching 16:9 Crop Waltz for Childrens 水の音楽 II The Moment - 2015 EyeEm Awards
Shusaku Endo Literary Museum yesterday's 1st Shots / Testing Camera LEICA Q Typ116 35mm 16:9 Crop Sea And Sky Landscape_photography Clouds And Sky One Shot March 1st 2009 : The place Martin Scorsese visited in scenario hunting. Walking Around Taking Pictures Sotome, Nagasaki Kakure kirishitan village, Tomogi mura "Silence" Novel Japan Photography Around The Kyushu Nagasaki
Welcome Nagasaki Airport : Landscape Sea And Sky Mountainview Final Approach 420mm 16:9 Crop
Light Wave with Real People On the Observatory platform Mt.Inasayama, Nagasaki : Monochromatic Night Photography Black And White Photography Sihouettes / Panasonic Lumix GX1 LEICA D SUMMILUX 25mm 50mm F/1.4 Handheld Photos( iPod touch 6G ) 16:9 Crop Snapseed_HDR + Colorsplash edit plus Landscape_photography Candid Photography StillLifePhotography 長崎市 稲佐山展望台 Adapted To The City de Good evening
respect "Rimpa" Style / test shot & edit case. Shinden-Ann, Katafuchimachi, Nagasaki City today. Photos(iMac) only 16:9 Crop 50mm 1.4 Discover Kyushu, Japan How's The Weather Today? Morning Light Panasonic Lumix GX1 Reflections Respect Showcase: November Test Shot 心田菴 琳派 長崎市
It Happened One Night Untold Stories : Kamome Hiroba, Nagasaki Eki Concourse 18:40 16:9 Crop 85mm Black And White Happy People Just One Shot Kidsphotography Nagasaki Station Novemberphotoaday People Photography Real People Reedit Streetphoto_bw カモメ広場 長崎駅
駅 - Nagasaki Station - : Starting A Trip Concourse Tourists Snapshots Of Life 35mm 16:9 Crop Colorsplash Plus
Night Watch IV : Mt. Inasa (South : Megami ohashi ) Observatory 16:9 Crop Night Lights HDR People Watching 50mm prime Lens. Good Night from Nagasaki City, Japan
Sunset at Bagan, Myanmar 16:9 Crop Budism Historcal Monuments Myanmar Orange Sunset Temples Iamnikon I Am Beautiful Fine Art Photography Color Palette
Urban Nature In Kids Playing Skateboarding : New Season Urban 3 Filter Walking Around Land plaza/Nagasaki seaside Park / GX1 LUMIX G VARIO Lens 90mm 16:9 Crop March 30/2015
16:9 Crop Showcase: February Urban Geometry Urban Landscape Reflection Tranquil Scene Pastel Power Landscapes With WhiteWall Blue Wave The Great Outdoors - 2016 EyeEm Awards
One tree. Vscophile Vscocam India EyeEm Best Shots Lonely Tree 16:9 Crop Feild Trip Bestoftheday EyeEm Nature Lover Eye Em Nature Lover
Photographic Memory On The Platform 4, Nagasaki Station May 7. Design & Story TRAIN CRUISE TRAIN / SEVEN STARS IN KYUSHU (NANATSU-BOSHI) ななつ星 resumed service. A shade is hung, Deluxe suites room(No7 car) can't see the interior. A resumed seems to have been Special Day . Panasonic GX1 LEICA D SUMMILUX 25mm 50mm F/1.4 16:9 Crop de Good Night Exceptional Photographs JR Kyushu Luxury Train Night Lights Night Photography Rear View Softlight Photography Perspective Nagasaki JAPAN Japan Scenery
Meganebashi( 眼鏡橋 ) : Stone Bridge Nightphotography Streetphoto_color Night Lights Cityscapes 16:9 Crop HDR Panasonic LUMIX GX1+ LEICA D SUMMILUX 25mm Good Night
16:39 Nakashima River, Meganebashi Yesterday Last shot. LEICA V-LUX1 35mm F5.6 +Photos(iMac) edit 16:9 Crop Evening Walk In Nagasaki Light And Shadows On The Bridge Riverside View Showcase: January Side Walk Streetphoto_color Walking Around The City  Water Reflections
道路に出て撮ってるように見えますが、ちゃんと道路の端の引かれない所にいます。On The Road Snapshot Cycling Around Life In Motion Capture The Moment Tokyo Cityscapes On The Way Buildings Buildings & Sky Tokyo Highway 16:9 Crop Tokyo EyeEm Best Shots
Bluelight : View from Asahimachi, Nagasaki Harbor ( Ohato ) 22:30 The Places I've Been Today Night Lights City Lights Reflections / GX1 50mm f/2.8 SS 1.0sec 16:9 Crop Nofilter Stainless - Nagasaki - de Good Night
王子神社のあと北とぴあの展望台(17階)へ。今後できたら神社→展望台をセットで見に行こうと思ってます。Observation Deck From My Point Of View Tokyo Landscape Tokyo Buildings & Sky Cityscapes Sunset Buildings Silhouettes Sunset Landscape Hello World Enjoying Life Taking Photos SIGMA DP3 Merrill 16:9 Crop
Urban Landscape Street Photography Walking Around Arcade, Nagasaki 16:9 Crop Urban1 filter plus Discover Your City Lanterns Panasonic LUMIX GX1+LUMIX G Vario 35mm. after 7 days Nagasaki Lantern festival
Offshot : JR KYUSHU TRAINS "Kiss my train" with Camera Jyoshi on the platform, Nagasaki Station 16 November 2016 Low Position V-LUX1 35mm F/5.6 Apeture-priority AE Photos(iMac) 16:9 Crop edit plus de Good Night Nagasaki-shi Only Women People Photographer Life Railroad Station Platform Real People Snapshot Of Life Snap a Stranger Walking Around Taking Pictures 長崎駅
Nagasaki Scapes “Dejima street” : tram railway mixed Old ( South side wall of Dejima ) and New. Micro Four thirds Panasonic LUMIX GX8 LUMIX G VARIO 45mm ( 90mm ) No Filter one shot Handheld 16:9 image January 2018 de Good morning Nagasaki. Nagasaki Scapes Cityscape Panasonic GX8 LUMIX G VARIO 14-45/F3.5-5.6 16:9 Crop Dejima(出島) Snap A Strangers Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure City Street Transportation Outdoors
Train Station Railway Station People Watching From My Point Of View Capture The Moment Taking Photos Spring Days Short Trip Snapshot 16:9 Crop April 2017 小湊鉄道 列車旅 小旅行 駅 駅ネコ 日向ぼっこ ねこ
Beach City Urban Nature Urban Lifestyle City Life Water Side Cityscape People People Watching From My Point Of View Capture The Moment Urban Landscape Snapshots Of Life People Photography People And Places Odaiba Kaihin Park Odaiba Tokyo EyeEm Best Shots 16:9 Crop EyeEm Best Edits
Shinjuku Takashimaya  Tokyo Landscape Urban Lifestyle Tokyo Street Photography Street Photography People Watching People Photography Light And Shadow Learn & Shoot: Leading Lines Straight Lines Lines EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Edits EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White SIGMA DP3 Merrill 16:9 Crop
B&w Black And White Monochrome People Urban Skyline Beach People And Places People Photography From My Point Of View Capture The Moment Water Side Urban Nature Cityscape City Life Urban Landscape Odaiba Kaihin Park Tokyo Snapshots Of Life Snapshot 16:9 Crop Monochrome Photography EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Edits モノクロにもしてみた♬
Illuminated Architecture Geometric Shapes Lines And Shapes Built Structure Lines Building Interior Lines, Shapes And Curves Night Lights Night City Tokyo Tokyo Night From My Point Of View 16:9 Crop 東京国際フォーラム(Tokyo International Forum)
東京タワー🗼 Tokyo Tower Buildings Taking Photos From The Boat From My Point Of View Capture The Moment Cityscape Waterscape Skyline Sky And Builings Lines And Shapes Tokyo Cityscapes Tokyo Landscape Composition EyeEm Best Shots 16:9 Crop Tokyo,Japan The Architect - 2017 EyeEm Awards
新宿駅南口 Shinjuku Station Crosswalk People People Watching Cityscapes Tokyo Cityscapes Capture The Moment Urban Lifestyle Life In Motion Vanishing Point Light And Shadow 16:9 Crop Tokyo From My Point Of View
Art is long, life short II : 72 wise man sculptures with Ordinary man. right-side the Great Hall of Confucian temples Nagasaki(長崎孔子廟). Panasonic LUMIX GX1 35mm KitLens set Photos(iMac) edit de Good evening. 16:9 Crop LUMIX G VARIO 14-45/F3.5-5.6 Nagasaki JAPAN Night Photography Night View One Shot Story Project. Perspectives Real People Sculpture Streetphoto_color Today Was A Good Day 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture)
16:9 Crop Hdr Edit
Open Aperture / Night photographer : Mt.Inasayama Observatory ( sea level 333 mater ) Nagasaki Photos edit : Data ISO160 50mm SS : 1.3 sec Handheld Exposure de Good Night 16:9 Crop Citylights Cityscape Nightphotography No Filter Panasonic Lumix GX1 LEICA D SUMMILUX 25mm Silhouette Walking Around Taking Pictures 稲佐山展望台 - Stainless Nagasaki -
Tokyo Cityscape From My Point Of View View From The Window Tokyo Landscape Tokyo Cityscapes Urban Landscape Skyline Urban Skyline Sky And Builings Buildings Shadows Lines Light And Shadow City Details View From Observatory Roppongi Hills Tokyo,Japan 展望台からの景色 16:9 Crop 東京23区内の有名な所にも上野公園の桜マンホールみたいなご当地的な図柄マンホール作ってくれたら面白いのになぁ…東京に来てくれる海外観光客の人たちがホント増えてるからソレを見つけてくれたら喜んでもらえそうな気がする。ちなみにスカイツリーも小っちゃく写ってます。
Goldfishes In The Water Fish Tank Light Up Your Life Swimming Fishes Animal Themes Fish Photography Capture The Moment Light And Shadow Shadows Relaxing Taking Photos 金魚 アートアクアリウム September 2016 16:9 Crop
Close-up Textured  Man Made Object Textures And Surfaces Patterns & Textures Pattern, Texture, Shape And Form Patterns Botanical Gardens From My Point Of View Hello World Enjoying Life Taking Photos EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Best Shots 16:9 Crop オールドレンズ 試し撮り Old Lens Test Shot Industar-61 L/D 55mm F/2.8
Jeux d'eau ( games of water ) 16:18 Today's Hot Look on the uoichi bashi bridge, Nakashima river, Nagasaki Streetphotography Water Reflections My Unique Style 16:9 Crop / Panasonic LUMIX GX1 LEICA D SUMMILUX 25mm
龍 Dragon Wooden Sculpure Architecture Wooden Texture Textures And Surfaces Black And White Blackandwhite Monochrome Monochrome Portrait Light And Shadow Detail Contrast EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White SIGMA DP3 Merrill 16:9 Crop
Lookingup Street View Tokyo Sky tree 🇫🇷 again : Panasonic LUMIX GX1+KitLens Handheld Photos(iMac) Edit de Good night 16:9 Crop 28mm A Day Of Tokyo Night Photography Night View On The Street Corner People Watching Perspective Streetphoto_color Sumida Tokyo Sky Tree Tricolore 墨田区 東京スカイツリー 錦糸町
Shian bashi Night : Streetphotography Blackandwhite Cityscape 16:9 Crop People Watching Vanishing Point / Lumix GX1 LEICA D SUMMILUX 25mm de Night nite
before Closed Door 18:59 Leica Store Kyoto . Hanami-Koji dori. Gion Kyoto Street Photography Kyoto, Japan / Architecture Designer by Design Fresco Japanese Style Wodden Building Machiya Noir Et Blanc Black And White Street Photography Streetphoto_bw LEICA Q Typ116 28mm 16:9 Crop 25 February 2017. Testing upload
On The Bridge Life In Motion Urban Lifestyle Simplicity Cityscapes Tokyo Cityscapes Tokyo Landscape Tokyo Monochrome Monochrome_Monday Black And White Silhouettes Silhouettes Of A City Sky And City Capture The Moment Light And Shadow Lines Minimalism 16:9 Crop Tokyo From My Point Of View EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White
Looking To The Other Side Plants 🌱 Leaves And Branches Leaves🌿 Branches Beauty In Nature Multiple Layers Nature Nature Photography Abstract Nature Abstract EyeEm Nature Lover Botanical Gardens From My Point Of View 16:9 Crop
手ブレばかりだった中で一番良さげに撮れた東京の夜景。窓の写り込み無くすには偏光フィルター付ければいいのだろうか? Tokyo Night City View Tokyo Cityscapes Tokyo City View Night Photography Night City Cityscapes Night Lights Skycrapers Buildings Hello World Taking Photos Enjoying Life From My Point Of View EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Edits 16:9 Crop
Ride A Bicycle Night Photography Night City People Watching Snapshots Of Life From My Point Of View Capture The Moment Black And White Monochrome Silhouettes Urban Lifestyle Street Photography Night View Snapshot 東京 夜景 Re Edit/re Post 16:9 Crop
Mt.Unzen, View from Hayami Isahaya City Nagasaki Prefecture. GX1+KitLens 90mm Photos(iMac) edit. today's cold day 16:9 Crop Cloudy Day Fieldscape Landscape Sky And Sea Snow Mountain Softlight  The Scenery Of Japan
The Four Seasons In Nagasaki : Spring Tallships Summer Sprit Boat Procession Autumn Nagasaki Kunchi Festival Winter NAGASAKI LANTERN FESTIVAL Wall Decoration On The Street 35mm 16:9 Crop Today :)
Close-up Dandelionfluff Puffball Plants 🌱 Growth Nature Photography Nature Dandelion Seeds EyeEm Nature Lover 16:9 Crop タンポポ 綿毛
16:9 Crop Hdr Edit Bird Photography Birds_n_branches Bird
Light And Shadow Tourism Vacations Backgrounds 16:9 Crop Tree Sunset Silhouette Sky No People Nature Outdoors Beauty In Nature Scenics Landscape Day Tree Area EyeEmNewHere
Branches of hope Lights And Shadows Trees Wide Angle 16:9 Crop Sunlight Morning Horizontal Getty X EyeEm Branches Branch Leaves Foliage
うちの猫 My Cat At My Home Taking Photos Light And Shadow Textured  EyeEm Cats Lover Cat Portait One Animal Animal Portrait Animal Themes Four Legs And A Tail EyeEm Best Shots 16:9 Crop
Testshot Nagasaki Today Panasonic LUMIX GX1 + LEICA DG NOCTICRON 42.5mm/F1.2 ASPH 85mm F1.2 16:9 Crop , No tripod handled 19:19 ( Japan Standard Time ) CRUISE TRAIN / SEVEN STARS IN KYUSHU (NANATSU-BOSHI) Okusa Station, Nagasaki line JR Kyushu ( Kyushu railway Company ) Evening Light On The Platform Japan Scenery Isahaya City Nagasaki JAPAN de thanks for Comment, Like & Looking Good weekend, EyeEm mate
Glasgow Tower, Science Centre & Cineworld at Pacific Quay 16:9 Crop Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Centre Cineworld Clear Sky Development Engineering Glasgow  Modern Outdoors Pacific Quay Science Shape Tower
Natural Color Splash 16:9 Crop Cropped Only Pink Flowers Selective Focus Nature Photography Bokeh Photography Flowers Branches Branches And Blossom Blossom Flowers Growth Nature EyeEm Nature Lover From My Point Of View
Cross road : Nishi-Kamata, Oota-ku Downtown Tokyo,Japan ( 東京都大田区西蒲田 ). 18:18 26, October 2017 (Japan Standard Time) Leica Q 50mm handheld + Photos 3.0 edit de Good evening Tokyo 16:9 Crop 50mm F1.8 Cityscape Evening Light KAMATA Kamata-Scape Snapshots Of Life Tokyo Street Photography Tokyo Night Bicycle Building Exterior Built Structure City Life Cross Road Illuminated Outdoors People Road Marking Streetphotography 東京都 大田区 蒲田 西蒲田
Futari ? On The Bridge 16:9 Crop Today :) Nakashima river, Nagasaki city Streetphoto_color Good evening EyeEm_crew GX1+L-X025 Love Is In The Air
Tonight View from Dejima Wharf 16:9 Crop Long Exposure 15sec LUMIX G VARIO 14mm Nightphotography Have a Good Dreams
Waiting time "Seven Stars In Kyushu(ななつ星)" train : Omura bay(大村湾), Higashisonogi Nagasaki Prefecture. December 12 17:12. Chiwata Eki Kyushu Raiway Company. GX1+L-X025 16:9 Crop 50mm Beauty In Nature DECEMBER2015 Landscapes On The Platform Sea And Sky Sky And Clouds Sunset Sunset Silhouettes Waiting For A Train Water Reflection 千綿駅
View from Matsugae International terminal Deck 21:22 End Of The Day Sapphire Princess Next Hakata, Fukuoka City. Nagasaki Harbour View Nightphotography 16:9 Crop de Good Night EyeEm_crew
Go, Vantege Point Nagasaki Today / 2017 Christmas Nagasaki Station Tonight : Leica Q 28mm F/1.7 No Filter No Flash Handheld Photos 3.0 16:9 Crop de Good evening Christmas Lights LEICA Q Typ116 Tonight Architectural Feature Christmas Decoration Large Group Of People Nagasaki Station People Real People Retail  Saturday Night カモメ広場 長崎市 長崎駅 アミュプラザ長崎 ナガサキ⭐︎テラス
: Public Transportation Nagasaki Electric Tramway [hotaru-jyaya] View From The Car A Frame Within A Frame / 16:9 Crop
Ohato / Dejima Wharf view from Akebonomachi, Nagasaki City. Long exposure 25sec. Photos(iMac) reedit 16:9 Crop 50mm F/5.6 Cityscape High Angle View Landscapes Long Exposure Nagasa-Kirei ( ナガサキレイ ) Night Lights Night View Reality Reflections Still Life Walking Around The City
Tokyo Landscape Shibuyascapes Shibuyacrossing Night Cityscape Night Lights Buildings Perspective From My Point Of View Capture The Moment Large Group Of People People And Places Tokyo Street Photography EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Edits 16:9 Crop
View from Platform No2. Nagasaki Station 16:9 Crop 50mm 1.4 Arrival CRUISE TRAIN / SEVEN STARS IN KYUSHU (NANATSU-BOSHI) Handheld Headlights Journey Nagasaki Station Night Lights Nightphotography Nightshot Nofilter Rainy Day Spotmetering Yesterday Night
Departure Times 22:05 Turn right, Luxury Liner Cunard RMS Queen Mary 2 Matsugae International Terminal, Nagasaki ◀️ another person Video recording. Real Photography 28mm F/1.7 handheld Photos ( MacBook Air ) edit 16:9 Crop Illuminated Night No People Outdoors Night Lights Night Photography Walking Around Taking Pictures 長崎市 松ケ枝国際ターミナル 25, March 2017 Yesterday Night
白い花 White Flowers Close-up Flowerporn Flower And Leaves Plants 🌱 Beauty In Nature Nature Photography Growth Soft Focus Selective Focus Indoor Botanical Gardens Hello World Enjoying Life Taking Photos From My Point Of View EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Best Shots 16:9 Crop EyeEm Best Edits
青い花 野の花 Blue Flowers Wild Flowers Roadside Flowers Close-up Little Plants🌿 Walking Around From My Point Of View Nature Photography Flower Collection EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Best Shots 16:9 Crop
久しぶりに加工で遊んでみた♬ Edited Night Train Station Night Station Night Lights Perspective 16:9 Crop Getting Inspired Edit Junkie EyeEm Best Edits Enjoying The Edit.
Breaktime Green Nature Shakkei Beauty In Nature Reflections Japanese Garden Illusion Shinden-An, Katafuchimachi Nagasaki-shi 長崎市 心田菴 No People Green Color / GX1+ LEICA DG NOCTICRON 42.5mm/F1.2 ASPH 16:9 Crop de Good evening
Haiku A Cluster Amaryllis / in simplicity / A ridge between rice filed Flowerporn Lookingup V-LUX1 75mm 16:9 Crop This Morning How's The Weather Today? fotor edit
今夜の月 TONIGHT Moon Tonight Moon From My Point Of View Night Photography 試し撮り Taking Photos Test Shot 16:9 Crop Soft Focus Olympus Om-d E-m10 Sigma Mirror Telephoto 600mm F8 カメラのテレコン(☓2)も使って撮ってみました。やっぱりモヤってる(^.^;
Asahi ohashi higasiguchi, nealy Nagasaki Station. 16:9 Crop Evening Lights Evening Walk Intersection Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 35mm F/2.8 Traffic Jam Trafficlight Waiting For Signal Walking Around The City
博多通りもん( hakata tohri mono ) w : 16:9 Crop 90mm Clouds And Sky Cruise Ship Hakata Harbor Landmark Port Sea And Sky Seascape Walkers Walking Around Water Reflections On The Way マリンメッセ福岡 博多港
JR KYUSHU TRAINS : On The Platform 3 Tonight Is Nagasaki Station LEICA Q Typ116 handheld 28mm 16:9 Crop Photos ( MacBook Air ) edit plus / CRUISE TRAIN / SEVEN STARS IN KYUSHU (NANATSU-BOSHI) 787 series Tsubame express Transportation Train 20:15 ( JST ) 21 January 2017 Nightphotography Perspective Trainspotting Snap Walking Around Nagasaki-shi Nagasaki JAPAN
Open Aperture : Night time Dejima Wharf, Nagasaki GX1+L-X025 Prime Lens 50mm f/2.2 long exposure 2sec No tripod Photos(iMac) edit de Sweet Dreams 16:9 Crop 50mm Cityscape Dejima Wharf Harbor City Illuminated Landscape_photography Long Exposure Night Lights Night View Sea And Clouds Walking Around The City  Water Reflections Waterfront
港区役所前交差点 Go Home Ride A Bicycle Night Road Night Lights Illuminated Road Night Town Night Photography Night View Snapshot Snapshots Of Life Street Photography From My Point Of View Capture The Moment Vanishing Point Getting Inspired Nightphotography 16:9 Crop EyeEm Best Shots
Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Honda Real Time Feed Car Land Vehicle Illuminated HONDA Sports EV Concept Honda Urban EV Concept Electric Vehicle Concept Car IPod Touch Photography 16:9 Crop I’m tired... have a break time
Walking Around Hamano machi, Nagasaki City Streetphoto_color On The Street Corner Silhouettes Night Lights / Usual Camera & lens 35mm Urban Geometry Urban 4 Filter plus 16:9 Crop
Nagasaki Cityscape, View from nearly Glover Garden No2 Gate. Vertical elevator observatory : photos edit (iMac) SS 0.6sec 16:9 Crop City Lights Cityscapes LEICA D SUMMILUX 25mm Nightphotography Observatory Panasonic Lumix GX1 Urban Landscape Walking Around The City  Water Reflections グラバースカイロード 垂直エレベータ 展望台
Edited Moon Moon And Sky Astronomy Black And White Monochrome Lights Light In The Darkness Light And Shadow Textures And Surfaces Nature Textures Beauty In Nature From My Point Of View EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Best Edits 16:9 Crop
今夜の月 今夜のお月さま。 TONIGHT Moon Moon Tonight From My Point Of View Beauty In Nature Night Photography Night Lights Taking Photos Enjoying Photography 試し撮り Test Shot 16:9 Crop Olympus Om-d E-m10 Sigma Mirror Telephoto 600mm F8 一眼より大きく写せたけどビシッと撮れなかった…後日もう少し絞ったりしていろいろ試してみようと思います。
The Moon :) 16:9 Crop Moon South Africa Canon
Nakasu Jazz Canal City Hakata On Stage Jam Session 8, September 2017 . LEICA Q 50mm F/1.7 ( Digital Frame Selector ) Night & People mode handheld No filter No flash Photos( MacBook Air ) 16:9 Crop edit plus de Good evening mate Night Photography Water Reflections Music Brings Us Together Musician People And Places Performance Group Performing Arts Event Quartetto Reflections Stage - Performance Space Stage Light Take A Photo Young Men 福岡市 キャナルシティ 中洲Jazz
Mountains Clouds And Sky Arizona Sky Landscape 16:9 Crop
Fuji Mountain in 16:9 Crop Blackandwhite