My MCM @ryanscott092 ❤️ its been 7 months almost with this handsome man. I wouldn't want anyone else but him. He's the best thing that's happened to me. Longdistancerationship LDR Boyfriend blueeyes blondie bestfriend mylove imissyou iloveyou alwaysandforever
Whenever we are upset at each other always remember @ryanscott092 Longdistancerationship LDR Love Bestfriend stupidarguments
I knew from the first time we talked, FaceTimed each other that this was it and he was the one for me. We clicked instantly on levels I didn't think we're possible. I found my best friend and the most amazing boyfriend I could ever ask for on a little dating app almost 7 months ago. Our strength for our love and friendship is inseparable. I love you @ryanscott092 Longdistancerationship Longdistance LDR Lovehim misshim bestfriend mylove bae boo myprotector myprince