Chataqua Park Beatrice, Nebraska

Anyway, I can try Anything it's the same circle That leads to nowhere and I'm tired now. Anyway, I've lost my face, My dignity, my look, Everything is gone And I'm tired now. But don't be scared, I found a good job and I go to work Every day on my old bicycle you loved. I am pilling up some unread books under my bed And I really think I'll never read again. No concentration, Just a white disorder Everywhere around me, You know I'm so tired now. But don't worry I often go to dinners and parties With some old friends who care for me, Take me back home and stay. Monochrome floors, monochrome walls, Only absence near me, Nothing but silence around me. Monochrome flat, monochrome life, Only absence near me, Nothing but silence around me. Sometimes I search an event Or something to remind, But I've really got nothing in mind. Sometimes I open the windows And listen people walking in the down streets. There is a life out there. Monochrome Light And Shadow Authentic Moments Eye For Photography