Minimal is beautiful

Turquoise By Motorola Architecture Minimalism Urban Geometry Minimal Is Beautiful today you can join me on a trip to the staatsgalerie (art museum). enjoy it ;)
Minimal Is Beautiful Architecture Minimalism Urban Geometry I really do like düsseldorf. But today I nearly lost some fingers and toes because it was so freaking cold outside when I took my pictures! This is the first photo of my frank gehry series. I hope you will enjoy it ;)
Architecture Minimalism Minimal Is Beautiful The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge eyes wide open... :)
Minimal Is Beautiful Minimalism EyeEm Best Shots Streetphotography good morning EyeEmers, I wish you a fabulous day!!! :)))
The Five Senses Minimal Is Beautiful Flowers EyeEm Best Shots simplicity or minimalism is the key note of all true elegance. Don't you think so? :)
Shaping The Future. Together. Throw A Curve Ghostrider Check This Out Dots And Stripes Minimal Is Beautiful
Minimalism Architecture Art Minimal Is Beautiful while I was enjoying some art my eyes got distracted by a woman who left the room. I thought she blended in that dreamy, foggy and somehow unrealistic atmosphere quite well...
Thorns Minimal Minimal Is Beautiful No Edit/no Filter
Minimal Is Beautiful Minimalism Flowers Interior Design elegance is timless. It comes from being as beautiful inside as outside.
Daisy Flowerporn Minimal Minimal Is Beautiful
Multiple Layers Minimalism Minimal Is Beautiful EyeEm Best Shots how beautiful the leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days. Winter is coming...
Black & White Minimal Is Beautiful No Edit/no Filter Check This Out
Architecture Minimalism Minimal Is Beautiful The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge I love the combination of symmetry, colors and lines...