World War 2 Memorial - Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach California

My 300th photo here at EyeEm!!!! Doing what pasttime I love doing best ...Driving topless. Who could ask for anything more? I'm enroute from Long Beach to Orange County on a Saturday afternoon, driving on a strange road that is a great alternative in travaling between these two destinations. I say strange because it passes by some stark urban and suburban landscapes, from wet coastal marshlands, the midcentury architectural landscape of Aero industry buildings from the great cold war/ space race era and the pink suburban cinder block walls Westminster on the edge of Orange County an area that seems to have halted progress for all the rest of the county thrusts onward may be a few minutes slower than the freeways but it's a helluva lot less miserable. Glorious, in fact. I'm probably driving faster than those poor schmucks on the freeway anyway. On The Road What Does Freedom Mean To You? Today's Hot Look Enjoying Life