Had my night to enjoy with the fellas in a beat making - drinking experience - now we be back to the griiind today! Gudviiibes folks :) CabalenBeats TheRoyalHouse Villasol Dj -jepoy mastahkhits tripnotic gudviiiibes BringintheAction batang90's madmonday
made anothur mad gothic beats this morning, booming! @c_playa @mastahkhitz CabalenBeats TheRoyalHouse DongaloWrecks GothicBeat
Dj Jepoy and King makin that beat collaboration.. AudioSamplin the day to em ears to burn out.. Crunkiie! MadDroppin Synths.. AudioSamplin TheRoyalHouse CabalenBeats SundayGroovy
Playing out load the great evening with my beatmakur right there Dj Jeppy - will introduce him soon to yall' .. and his beaaats be heard! CabalenBeats TheRoyalHouse DongaloWreckords Dj Jepoy BringintheAction!
The Week Endiing Friday! and so it is...... Pdk Beatworks DongaloWreckords CabalenBeats GotmicShirt Weekends