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Work hard Eat heard Relaxing Enjoying Life Working Problem based learning Pharmacylife Pharmacystudent Pharmacystudentproblems ❤✌
SPY games 5th Pharmacystudent
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Today is happy day. Thank you my lecturer for choccolate ? Pharmacylife Enjoying Life Pharmacystudent Choccolate
دوباره امتحان های من شروع شد😁🐭 Iphongraphy Pharmacystudent Studying GoodEvening !❤
How can you relate that sentence to antifungal drug? Student Life Low-life Pharmacystudent Chemistry
Microscope Anatomy Class Science Lab Pharmacystudent Pharmacycollege Blackandwhite
My firend and her new hair style ? That made her like a boy but she is a girl !! Barber is wrong ? 5555 Working Relaxing Pharmacystudent Myfriendandme
Faculty Of Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacylife Pharmacystudent Pharmacycollege Pharmacists Belgrade University Belgrade University Student Life
Collegelife Pharmacystudent Stay Humble.! Rise & Grind
I'm tired enough to go ...🚑💊💉😱کاش میشد برم خرید ،،دور دور ، ... ولی دیگه به قارچ و انگل و ویروس و باکتری و آنتی بیوتیک و تزریقی و خوراکی و دوز و عوارض و تداخل.... فکر نکنم Studying🙎 Pharmacylife Pharmacystudent Exam
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Me Pharmacystudent Student Pharmacycollege
manufacturing laboratory. Pharmacylife Pharmacystudent
My dream is my distraction Dota2 Caster Pharmacystudent
تا رهایی از امتحانات راهی نیست😝😉😉 1...2...3... I'll come back soon with lOts of energy , keep calm and follow me😝😅 Enjoying Life Pharmacystudent Love ♥ Todays Hot Look
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