Sessa Athletics competition 5/12/12 Athletics 60m Semi -finals UPAC UniOfPortsmouth London No17
What a view going to the track... UPAC TeamPompey Portsmoth Hilsea TrackNation UniversityOfPortsmouth
After one hell of a night... This used to be a plain purple £2.50 shirt from Primark... Untill it was dropped between my fellow Athletes armed with pens UPAC Social TypicalWednesday 200mPenis ? LockUpYourWife hahahaha
University of Portsmouth Athletics Club!! Get it up get it up!!! UPAC Team OneLove !!
Team 200m relay! Moe, Loso, Sanchez, Jordan. @Sanchezhurdlez UPAC Athletics Portsmouth Bucs Nationals Sheffield WeGotThis
Hyde Park, London relays. 5.1 kilometres!! This is the DEATH of me Sprinter AntiLongDistance SprintersGonDie UPAC Athletics HydePark London MiceInfested ImperialCollege ShitStudentUnion BadNightSleep
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