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My Winter Favorites Taking Photos Winter Wonderland Winter Showcase: December 2
Even when you're creating with intention sometimes a photo finds you. Photos will find you more and more as you train your eye and focus your vision. When a photo finds you and you have your camera ready with you everything falls into place; you captured a moment that represents what your vision is and because you trust your gear it handles the technical stuff. CarryLessCreateMore
You can make it whatever you want. You can change it whenever you want. What's your story? CarryLessCreateMore LumixLuminary B&w
Create more than you consume. Creating on a regular basis is living a life inspired and that's a beautiful place to be. CarryLessCreateMore
Developing your vision takes time and focused effort but it's certainly doable. There are no shortcuts to developing your vision but there are tools you can use to help the process. CarryLessCreateMore