I don't know why I have decided to post this, nor do I know why I'm posting it on here...but, whatever, nonetheless its going to be on here. I roleplay on instagram as comic book characters, all of which I feel I have some sort of connection...or relation to. The one that really started it all and that I feel I nail better than my other characters is deadpool(@deadpoolclone). There's a lot of trauma and ways of going about life and personality that he has, that I feel I have too, on a slight lesser extent, of course. Now, my other two characters, Flash(@fasterthanreality) the cocky smartass scientist speedster and The Joker(@inbadjest). Now people have been telling me lately that Joker is crazy, psychotic, maniacal, mentally unsound, a psychopathic chaotic killer....but they're wrong. Sure he's chaotic, sure he portrays himself to the public as a psychopath, and yeah he kills...but everything under that green head of his is put together...he's a man who just likes to kill and has fun while doing it, and even more importantly, usually uses his murders as bait, lure, movement in whatever plan he has, rarely...RARELY has he ever taken a life just because they said his name weird. Now Wade...he fits EVERY thing that people call the joker. He has voices in his head, sees and penetrates the "fourth wall" which may as well be hallucinations to his universes denizens, he kills for no reason quite frequently, he is both psychotic and a psychopath. If all this is the case....why is it harder for me to wrap my head around joker than it is deadpool?....scary....aanyway twas just a rant/thought/boredom paragraph. If you like fresh looks on comicbook characters both dc and marvel, follow the mentioned and the people I interact with on them, its all a good time, a bunch of writers having fun. Also go check out Thewadewilsonchronicles ...or is it just called the Wadewilsonchronicles ....either way, read it for a slightly different/detailed origin story of deadpool. I love ya guys. Peace for the day. Deadpool Thejoker theflash roleplaying roleplay rant thoughts