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I want to know what you dream of. what excites you, What torments you, what irritates you, what life gives you, I want to know what it takes away from you. I saw you pass by... and once again time stopped. It was that blush that changed my mood, left me lost for words. Whilst I uncover your eyes, I close my own. And with an imperfect sigh, I think you are the perfection I aspire to. And I even become delirious. And I lose control every time you appear and come close... Though never enough to notice how you smell and your taste. Your taste is the greatest utopia, I daydream thinking that some day I could Win you with my poetry. I haven't even seen you smile. I'd think up a play with gold curtains. I haven't even heard you speak, How much I'd give...for a mere whisper. Poor fool...dreamer that goes out of his way dreaming, That silently cries out for you to turn around, To look at me and know that here I am Like an eternal after; Waiting for a sign from you to throw myself at your feet. And it's just that when I see you pass by, the sweetness on my palate tells me that you're going to stop...but I end up swallowing bitterness when nonetheless you carry on and go past me. Dog Water San Francisco Bay Bridge San Francisco Bay Ocean Sunset Vans Water One Animal Island Rock Bayarea Golden Gate Bridge Sun Golden Hour Husky Faces Of EyeEm Library Book Blackandwhite Friends Friendship Young Adult Luna Recording Studio Technology Microphone Women Music This Is Strength EyeEmNewHere Autumn Mood