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In this impossibly complex photograph, a soft, passive sky becomes the backdrop to the static, almost electric treetop on a forgotten landscape of Managaha Island. While the colors of the branches of this driftwood pull lightness from the sky, the frenetic growth of branches brings anxiousness to an otherwise serene tableau. The tree growth fights for attention in defiance to the calm of the clouds Almost as if it knows its original purpose is over. Driftwood is wood washed ashore by wave, winds, and tides. Driftwood often is thought of as a nuisance. Fortunately for us, all this piece was not discarded and it continues it's repurposed life as a foundation for the sand dunes. Mañagaha is a small islet which lies off the west coast of Saipan within its lagoon in the Northern Mariana Islands. Although it has no permanent residents, Mañagaha is popular among Saipan's tourists as a day-trip destination due to its wide sandy beaches and a number of marine activities including snorkeling, parasailing, and jet skiing. Mañagaha hosts a colony of breeding Wedge-tailed Shearwaters. This seabird nests in burrows principally on the east side of the island. The island is historically significant for several reasons. It is the burial ground of the famous Carolinian Chief Aghurubw, who is said to have established the first Carolinian settlement in Saipan in 1815. A statue of the chief commemorates his achievements in leading his people from Satawal after a devastating typhoon to Saipan. The island also has remnants of Japanese fortifications from World War II. The entire island is listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places as a historic district. ,Palm Trees, ,sand Beach Life Beach Walk Cloudscape Driftwood Trellis On The Beach Driftwood In The Indifference Ocean Mañagaha Island Ocean, Ocean, Waves, Nature Saipan's Ashore Beach Beach Day Beachphotography Clouds And Sky Driftwood Abstractishness Driftwood Beach Illustration Lagoon Ocean, Beach, Nature, Calm, Ocean, Beach, Sky, Ocean,beach, Travel, Typhoonyolanda Umbrellas On The Beach