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Going back to where we belong, Hanging Out with Gansau Friends in Black And White theme. at Bukitgundul Sabah Northborneo EyeEm Nature Lover
if you love me, please take care of me. Butterfly is a Beautiful and Colourful Insect Northborneo sabah Malaysia Gansau
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Gansau Ijal
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Complexity observed in a Sunny Day where a Gansau was Enjoying Life in the middle of Forest in Northborneo, oh I love Hiking
Tirig Hill, Telipok Beautifulborneo Hill Hiking Northborneo Gansau First Eyeem Photo FreshonEyeem
Sunset EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Nature Lover Huaweip8 Lite | Kota Kinabalu | Gansau Northborneo
Tempayan, synonym with Dusun Ethnic in Sabah. Long ago, they will put the ceased body e.g baby inside. They also used this to make Rice Wine or "Tapai" and fermented fish etc "Bosou". But this one specifically for decor Eyeemculture| Culture In North Borneo,Sabah | Gansau | Huaweip8 Lite
Dramatic sunset after a heavy rain today, wouldn't expect it turn out beautifully | Best Moments Golden Moment Landscape Tuaran, Sabah | Gansau | Northborneo | Huaweip8 Lite