I am staying in this beautiful street in Poitiers for the next one month. At the end of the street is the Cathedral and the hourly chimes which can be heard from the flat and it feels so medieval. Loving the non stop French around me. Must improve my language skills. Fraaance Instafrance bonsoir peace love artsy february igers europefun share abode home beautiful poitiersbynight hdr rue street frenchstyle amazing scene view letswalk
Such a pleasant weather. Look at the winter sun :) Loving it. But I am super hungry. Figured out no restaurants serve food post 1pm. Poitiers Winter Sun Fraaance instafrance igers nature perfect awesome piękne instaeurope photooftheday calm bienvenue bonjour sunbathe scenes February relax love instachill naptime
Work in progress. It has been a week almost here in the Beautiful city of Poitiers and I haven't done much actually. The Weather has been awesome, so I must make hay while the sun shines. Need to stop lazying around. Fraaance piękne bonjour bienvenue instafrance top peace calm stilllife photooftheday igers europe timetothink yolo tumblr February love relax lovethisplace frenchstyle amazing somanyhashtags share