Over the mountain watching the watcher. Breaking the darkness, waking the grapevine. One inch of love is one inch of shadow. Love is the shadow that ripens the wine. Pinkfloyd Pinkfloydlyrics Sky Skyporn Nature Mothernature Beautiful Beauty Scenery Texture Trees Mountains Field Pennsylvania Countryside Country Love Amazing Perspective Photography Fog Road Car Likeforlike Colorful happy like4like l4l lfl picoftheday
Flowers Flower Pinkflowers Nature Pinkfloydlyrics Garden Summer
"Shine on You Crazy Diamond " ~ Pink Floyd The Innovator Experimental Experimental Photography Experimental Edit Experimenting With Different Effects Experimenting... Photolayering Strange Trippy Trippy! Consciousness Thehumancondition Makeportrait Pinkfloydlyrics The Magic Mission
Corra, coelho, corra! Cave um buraco, esqueça o sol E quando afinal o trabalho estiver feito Não se sente, é hora de cavar mais um Breathe Rabbit Pinkfloydlyrics Pascoa luescarbemakeup
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