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Words cannot BEGIN to describe how much I'm missing you down here, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks and so on so forth, I've had a hardest time coping.....they say it gets easier.....biggest loss.... and if brought me top my lowest point. Rip Dearmomma DebraAnn IloveYouMomma StillDontSeemReal I'm WaitingOnYourPhoneCall
The days don't get easier, they get harder and harder, despite my smile, and all the laughter, behind these eyes are PAIN, the thought of you not being able to pick up the phone, or text or just show up outta the blue to tell me I'm not living right or headed in the right direction is what I miss.... Dearmomma NeverWillIForgetYou TheseDaysAreTheHardest not ashamed to say that I've done wrong or acted out in a manner you wouldn't approve of, but I KNOW you still smile at your crazy son YOU created.... IloveYouMomma WatchOverUsAll @branstoner @cam_rob22 @lossieloss @itsjaymaine and your better's a rough one but I'm doing my best to look out for them.....