Such a rainy dreary day ended in a beautiful way. She paints "I Miss You" in the sunset <3 LoveLightsForMallory
A sunset that beautiful needs no filter LoveLightsForMallory
I'm SO obsessed with these God awful pink glasses!! I will be sporting these on myMalloryMile tomorrow!! LoveLightsForMallory GirlsOnTheRun
LoveLightsForMallory We released our pink lantern last night under a beautifully clear star filled sky. The lake was so calm and smooth it reflected the stars! I could hear Mallory's infectious little laugh in my head and also the words "I think he's smiling at you!" words that have echoed in my head for a week now since I listened to the joy in her voice in a video where she and Lynn discovered a praying mantis in Lynn's garden late last summer. I KNOW she's smiling at you Lynn and Michael and she always will. Happy Heavenly 5th Birthday sweet angel Mallory Grace Milton!