These two beautiful lady's are my wcw!! ? Dallas- you beautiful little goose..I would never in this world know what I would do with out you in my life.. It's seriously amazes me how close we are. We went from growing up together.. To drifting away when we got into high school, to now bestfriends. I'm so glad I have someone like you in my life. You know everything about me. And I can tell you anything. And I don't even have to worry about being judged. That's the best part. You are such a strong person and I envy that. You have literally changed my heart in so many ways you don't even know. I love you like you are my own sister!! See you when you get home baby!! ? Destani- oh my my my.. You beautiful soul.. I can't not even explain how grateful I am to have you In My life.. Words just can't explain it.. You are so broken right now.. And it tears me apart to see my sister like this.. You have a great personality, your so lovable, and so beautiful, any guy would be lucky to have you.. And one day that one guy will come in "our" life's and treat you like a princess. Your such a strong person. And I also envy that! I can't describe how happy I am that you have came back into my life. I love you more than anything!! Come home baby!! ? Dallas & destani - y'all are my rocks, my back bone, my everything. Thank y'all both for being here for me and being the two bestfriends that anyone and ask for. ?? Mybestfriendsoveryours Theyarebeautiful MyLoves Imgreatfulforthem theremyeverything instacute instapretty picstitch @daperry96 @destanimarie