Photo a day, May 15th "I found this..." I did find this. Someone somewhere is one tool short of cracking that safe.... Sucka. Fmsphotoadaymay Fmsphotoaday Fmsphotoday Whatdentistlosthistool Iwishifoundmoreinterestingjunk
Starting photo a day again. Ain't nothing but something to do! Today, May 13th : Hands. I used's brilliant project where she cast her own hands and threw clay with her own prosthesus. Genius!!! What a discovery! Fmsphotoaday Fmsphotoday Fmsphotochallenge Fmsphotoadaymay Ingenius Myfriendismorebrilliantthanyourfriend Highart
Photo a day challenge, May 17th "home." Fmsphotoadaymay Fmsphotoaday Home
Day 1 - I boughy this Fmsphotoaday Fmsphotoadaymay PhotoADay Photoadaychallenge phr phrromances smokeandbone vanessa
Photo a day challenge, May 14 "heart" Picsart Fmsphotoadaymay Fmsphotoaday Heart