I found out yesterday that all trails lead up to the top visitor center/cafe. So I hiked the 1.8 miles up hill from my cabin and thought I was going to die the last half of the way. I took shelter under a tree for a while and thought 'if a bear comes my way I won't even have the strength to be scared'. But I am proud of myself for making it the whole way and not dying. LewisAndClarkCaverns Hiking Holyshitimadeit Montana imaybeoutofshapebuticanhike
I deserve a goddamn ice cream sandwich after that 1.8 mile hike up hill. Gonna cool down and hike a different trail back down to my cabin. LewisAndClarkCaverns Montana Hiking Holyshitimadeit imaybeoutofshapebuticanhike
First legal drink! 21st Birthday! Happy Birthday! Holyshitimadeit
Almost to the top of the trail and seriously feeling like I was going to die. I don't mind up hill, but steep up hill is a real bitch. LewisAndClarkCaverns Montana Hiking Holyshitimadeit
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