View from on top of MtHelena today. Hiking Montana
Sitting on top of the shady side of MtHelena waiting for the sun to set. Summer Bucketlist Selfie ilovemontana whoneedsagymwhenyouhavenature
Hiked 4 hours today up and around MtHelena and it was the best hike i've been on thus far. Helena Montana Snowwalk
Break on through MtHelena Summer Hiking Thegoodlife
To the left, to the left MtHelena Snowwalk Helena Montana
doesn't get much better than this Mountains Helena Montana MtHelena snowwalk
I think today is the fastest I have ever hiked MtHelena and it was the most beautiful day to do it. There's nothing I love more than standing on the end of a cliff when its windy and putting my arms out. I feel at one with mother nature. Hiking Besthikeever Ilovenature ilovemontana Montana dontlookdown armsout perfection
Sitting on top of MtHelena waiting for the sun to set. Number one thing on my Summer Bucketlist to do.
Waiting for the sun to set on top of MtHelena Summer Bucketlist Nofilter
Its the most perfect night to walk to work. Nice and cool and the sunset behind MtHelena is looking pretty rad Montana Sunset Perfection
Good Sunshiny Morning from up and around MtHelena what a beautiful day. Hiked for four hours. I love Fall. Sunshinyselfie MontanaMountainGirl Montana whatagorgeousday
Sunset MtHelena Montana Summer bucketlist hiking thegoodlife photography
Just how close i am to MtHelena from my new condo. I am for sure living Thegoodlife
Number one thing on my Summer Bucketlist crossed off- watch sun set from top of MtHelena Nofilter Montana
Pumpkin enjoying watching the sun set from on top of MtHelena Summer Bucketlist Montana nofilter
Sunset MtHelena Montana Hiking thegoodlife photography
After 2 hours of huffing, puffing, stripping layers off and grumbling I am finally on top of MtHelena and its the most beautiful day! Doingit Hiking Helena montana
Peace yo MtHelena Summer Hiking
Pumpkin MtHelena Sunset Summer bucketlist
Sun setting from on top of MtHelena Summer Bucketlist Nofilter
MtHelena Sunset Nofilter Montana
After 3 days of rain and cold, the sun has finally come out! Halfway up MtHelena ! Thank you sun! Hiking Montana
MtHelena Sunset Summer Nofilter Montana photography
My camera doesn't take good night sky photos and this photo doesn't do the sky any justice but it was so amazing to sit on top of MtHelena with my friend Jess at midnight the other night overlooking the beautiful lit up city and the gorgeous night sky. Nighthike Andsasquatchdidntcomeplaywithus Oramountainlion totallybummed itllhappenyet
The lake Helena Montana MtHelena Mountains snowwalk
A successful hike to the top of MtHelena today Hiking Helena Montana
Peace sign on top of MtHelena Hiking Montana
Bucky Hiking MtHelena Montana
I see you Hiking MtHelena Deer Montana
Deer Montana Hiking MtHelena
Quick! Run for it! MtHelena is erupting!... oh wait, nevermind, its just cloudy. Hiking Helena Montana stormyday