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Dont have a name for this little fella yet, but he is 100% precious. Collie Australian sheppard mix (yes, part of his left eye is blue and part of his right eye is brown) he truly is a sweetheart. How anyone could give up this beautiful dog is beyond me. Will be available for adoption soon through Tennessee Death Row Dogs! RescueLife AustralianSheppardMix Sweetheart Dontbullymybreed AdoptDontShop @tn_deathrowdogs
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One night, this horse, Mike, at 2:00 AM, nearly starving, clopped slowly up the driveway of a rescue farm to rescue himself. Look at him now, healthy and happy! Amazinganimals RescueLife Rescuehorse Animal Rescue EyeEm Gallery Truestory Petting Zoo Petting Horses Pettingfarm Featuremeinstagood FeaturedArtist Featured Photo Pets Corner
Good Morning from @tn_deathrowdogs ? Jett is still available for adoption or foster! Never a dull moment with this cutie! RescueLife Dontbullymybully Dontbullymybreed AdoptDontShop 501C3 Pitbull pitmix Sweetheart educationNotEuthanization
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Let me wash your dog today! All proceeds go to Tn Death Row Dogs! ♡ DogWash RescueLife Rescue SpringHillTN
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