Sorry but I had to show this to you guys as well. The Script followed me on 9/11. So it was a mixture of honoring the people who passed away in the terrorist attack, and then lots of fangirling ? . Thescript TheScriptFamily
My Favorite Photo The Man Who Can't Be Moved Thescript TheScriptFamily
2015年 初ライブは Thescript でした👏 アメリカいた時からずっとラジオで聴いてたNothingは聴けなくて残念だったけど、それ以上にいいことあったからオールオーケイ👌💓💓 TheScriptFamily Thescriptofficial Tokyo Japan Nosoundwithoutsilence TheScriptConcert . @thescriptofficial Thank you for everything 😊💓 you definitely should get a visa, so you can stay here as long as you wish :) oh wait. Or you can marry me to get permanent residence 😂😂 jk It would work tho.