Yea I did it Sowhat lmao dame besos Chacho Thelipstho Ikilldabitches killinem
Nice who needs Keys Chacho LOL
Te escucho para escucharme. Silencio el ruido de mi mente con el sonido de tu voz. Chacho
WOW Obsessed LOL Chacho haha smh lol funny
Omg WOW i would Die Chacho imagine
Damn Smh Chacho Sad .....I kno I'm gettin one this year bol
When you feel like you don't got to or have to do are gonna lose it every time....STOP BLAMIN THE SIDE CHICK...IT COULD JUST BE YOUR FAULT Lmfao Justsayin Chacho Truestory realtalk
Haha Funny Chacho Identical  wow smh
Chacho Whistles Smh not that serious
Haha Yes Chacho Smh lol lmao wow really woah yea you definitely doing something wrong
I remember when I felt this I don't...cold hearts never warm up when the seasons change Chacho
Niggas on a few tonight Chacho Hollowz
Chacho Realtalk Truestory Haha funny lol
Shemad  LMAO Chacho Haha funny
Chacho Word Oww Getit juhuuurd
Truth be told...I am who I am...I am love and hate....I am good vs.evil....I am calm cool collective....I am KRAZY Chacho Technoking Quartz
LMAO McDonald 's Chacho