My father's grave, my niece and nephew reminiscing about old times. My father's spirit was there i felt it..and the small green light in the bottom right corner doesn't suggest anything but that. The light was not edited in. Cemetery Fathersgrave Restinpeace Spirit Spirituality Evansville, IN Grave Graveyard Beauty LostbutNeverForgotten Bestfriend Imissyou Iloveyoudaddy Sunset First Eyeem Photo
Cemetery Lostplaces Lostbutfound LostbutNeverForgotten Cemetery Photography Cemeterybeauty Cemetery_shots Things I Like walking thru this abandon cemetary i saw a tiny fleck of stone somethimg told me to stop and look i did and begin to clear away grasd and dirt dug down and uncovered a lost grave. No longer lost and not forgotten anymore.
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