Great Atmosphere Pqc Music Calgary ouda ouda at his finest with my man taylor at the drummin helm
Pqc Check This Out my cery own personal touch on some old school coffee techbology gone 21st century!
Everyday Joy living from morning to morning until the sun goes down. Pqc Human Photography Photooftheday Coffee
Elevated Etiquette @ Cafe Koi this friday for halloween! Come at 8 and get down with our hip hop open mic and monster mash party! Pqc Jazzlib Dj Music goodpeople
My favourite view of Calgary Traffic Pqc
The Chopstick Fly. Fireeating Fire Pqc Human #jazzlib #photography
These are my friends. They are Abstract and Perfect in every way possoble. Sometimes we need to view people through a different lens. Pqc
Dirty Tones Dj Competition. Jazzlibs held it down proper for the Pqc at Habitat. Countdown slaying the ones and twos courtesy of Human Photography. Be-ness
Calgary Sunalta Pqc party quest crew holding it down at the Chopstick Fly 2014 Human Photography BBOY HipHop and its all Love
Ouda Ouda goodie goodie food and tunes dec 11. Pqc Human Futuremind Epiccity
The Chopstick Fly. Put together by the Pqc this event encourages Barter and Sharing . The first of its kind but not the last. This sacred ritual ceremonie has lots of love to give and is thrown in the span of a week. Human #jazzlib
Some multi exposure photo fun mixed with a little imagination and creative inginuity. Check This Out That's Me Pqc Human
Workshop Beatdrop style. Pqc is repping and earning that learned knowledge Matthealien