Crawdead home

I was talking with someone on EE (sorry I can't remember who) the other day and was telling them about the crawdead holes in my yard. We say crawdead.....You might refer to them as Crawfish! These are the same only there fresh water, instead of ocean and you wouldnt want to eat these, even though they look like the ocean ones....these are muddy inside.....crawdeads here can be found in even the smallest puddle. This is a crawdead hole....I'm not at all sure how they come about being in my yard....but they dig down into the ground to find the water and will be content to lay in a thimble of muddy water.....As the water seeps futher into the ground, the taller there little mound gets and the deeper they dig. ? My Thoughts Out Loud Crawdead Home From Where I Stand My View