This was the third time I listed to her. She discussed about Market Driven Insight. The talk was full of learnings and critical thinking. :) Thanks Ms. Margot Torres, Sr. Vice-President for Marketing & Communications of McDonald's Philippines. McDonald Insight Talk Markprof Day4 MarketingYoungLeaders
Markprof @MarkProfTop25 SplashCorporation Day1 BrandEssence BusinessModelInnovation
It has been 4yrs since the last time I brought them in a commencement ceremony. And now, they're attending my graduation in MarkProf's Top 25 Young Marketing Leaders in the Philippines. Ate Ria and Ninang (Lola) Esing. Markprof @Top25MarkProf Graduate
Day4 Markprof YoungMarketingLeaders with Karla, my little sister. And I'm her big brother.
Day4 Markprof YoungMarketingLeaders Vico and Karla
Day5 Markprof @ilovegeorgina discussed about Personal Branding. T'was nice listening to her. Galing! I should've picture with her. :/ PersonalBranding Passion Drive BeDifferent
Now I know what's W High Street all about. :) Markprof Day1
Daytwo Markprof GSK Brand Activation, Brand Positioning, Differentiation SelectaMagnum P&G UnileverDove
@antondiaz Founder of talks about Turning Passion into Profession. Awesome Life Day5 Markprof CoolTalk Evolution Entrepreneurship TrendSetting Community Marketplace Philippines
Let's jumpstart our career with these Markprof Dream Team of Partners @MarkProfTop25 Dayzero
Day4 Markprof Unilever YoungMarketingLeaders Freebies Happy :D
Wearing MarkProf jacket. Thanks @MarkProfTop25 for this souvenir jacket. :) Markprof Thanks @josiahgo and DingSalvador ..
Graduation Rites of MarkProf Foundation Inc. @Top25Markprof Markprof OnceInALifetimeOpportunity
Sometimes in life, we're getting tired of doing things all over again. You tend to quit in what you have already started. But because of the peoppe around you that give relentless support, our perseverance and determination to achieve goals, we were able to achieve little to bigger things. Thanks to all founders, mentors, family, friends and my co-batchmates who gave me a lot of words of encouragement to fulfill my marketing career. :) Thanks to @Top25Markprof @Markproftop25 for opening the door of opportunities for us MarkProf graduates. I'm hoping that for the next years and decades, Markprof will still continue to inspire and give valuable learning from the best of the bests business and marketing people here in the country. :) We are just the 10th year batch, and we're looking forward for another decades of developing future leaders. :) Markprof @josiahgo @gochiqui DingSalvador @ehy_ahr RgGabunada NikkoBriguera
Day4 Markprof Unilever This is the last day for those who will not be able to be on the final slot. BUT our batch seems so eager to be ALLin27 this coming December 7, MP Graduation. We're hoping for good results. :) HE will provide. :)
With my dream ad agency. :) McCannWorldgroup Day3 Markprof Advertising StrategicPlanner @MarkProfTop25