My sincerest good luck to all FEUSTUDENTLEADERS for this incoming school year. May you all BE DISTURBED by the urgency of need - Need of student leaders like you who have the vision, dreams and aspiration in helping people, community and our motherland. Let's create Rippleeffect to translate our vision into action. I must say that this year's FEUPITP2014 is the best leadership training of FEU headed by SDev in collaboration with the TOSPAC NCR & FEU. And I'd like also to thank these people who helped me making huge cuts of symbolic cardboard Tamaraw: @lemybidaone Marlon  @samaepimentel @urthemanbryan @ceajoyceeee @shiiiiiiiiinj21 @renzdvr Adrian @ojguilatco - you guys are awesome. :) FEUPITP2014 PITP FEU ALUMNI
FEUPITP2014 'THE' Dr. Adelaida Fronda, former OSACS Director talks about Conflict Management. FEUSTUDENTLEADERS PITP2014
One of the most moving experience that I had is when I have the opportunity to visit our beloved brothers and sisters inside the jail. They may have limited access in some other things, they may not be with their own family, but one thing is for sure, they are one of the most hopeful persons that I've met in my entire life. Being with the FEUSTUDENTLEADERS earlier inside the Beaureu of Jail Management and Penology - NCR (Manila) for their FEUPITP2014 was a 'connect and reconnect' experience (from Bilibid orientation). Connect with the inmates, sympathize and make them feel that they aren't alone; and reconnect from the part of the inmates with us, student leaders. I must extend my gratitude to the TOSPACNCR for giving us the firsthand experience last week as part of the formation program being in the Bilibid in Muntinlupa. :) I hope this experience wouldn't be the last time. And I wish FEUSTUDENTLEADERS would deeply realize their purpose and significance in today's generation. MovingExperience