-Fishy face say wuuuuut? 'Dammit Jasmine I don't like this picture' 'Okay Nicole I won't upload it' Butidid Evillaugh How long has it been since I last saw her? 3 weeks? Feels like forever. You don't realise how much a person means to you till you don't have them around you 24/7 like always. She means so much to me and even though I'm only in another state it feels like I'm across the world from her. I love this girl so much; NOCLETTE I MISS YOU. Why are you sick. Oh yeah I know, cause you miss me. Jk! (or am I?) Wish I was there with you but I'm not..doesn't matter we send each other telepathic love! Get better and talk to me soon. KayByeILoveYou❤ LongInstagramtexts SendinglovefromBangalore