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Guess who's supporting the legendary @devindude420 on September 24th? 😱 Myself and my BMM brothers will be!! 😱😍 I'm cooking up somethin real special just for this as well πŸ‘Œ Devinthedude Bmm BadMood Cking Tobitheprince Hanzo Asma Bentley Lavarachi Nikkarachi Omega 420 Blaze Faded
After the show with devin the dude Devinthedude Legend Rap Smokesome Rapper Oldschool Gooddude
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'Twas an honour performing for the legendary @devindude420 with my BMM brothers! Y'all should've seen him onstage! Absolutely killed it πŸ’― Man last night was lit! Mood 420 Lit Night BadMood Blessed  Devinthedude Tobitheprince Bentley Cking Kudzai Turnt
Fav song of all time... Never gets old Classic Devinthedude
I'll be supporting @devindude420 with my BMM brothers in less than 4 weeks at the Woolley Mammoth! 1st release tickets are sold out, 2nd release available. Hit me up for tickets before they run out! Devinthedude Smokeup Blazed Sessions Stoner Highlife BADMOODMOVEMENT Bmm Grilled