Day2of2015 Januaryphotoadaychallenge Black And White Happy lang
Januaryphotoadaychallenge Day4 Letterbox
Happy new year everyone :))) Enjoying Life New Year 2015 Januaryphotoadaychallenge Taking Photos
Januaryphotoadaychallenge Day8 my sky. Janphotoaday
Januaryphotoadaychallenge Day5 what I wore today [well, at least at the gym. Other was my best buy uniform]
Janphotoaday Januaryphotoadaychallenge Day20 someone I love. My mama. So purty.
Januaryphotoadaychallenge Janphotoaday Day17 water. Been painting lots lately.
Januaryphotoadaychallenge Janphotoaday Day12 close-up. Just bought this sweet baby today. Can't believe I finally have it!! Perksofworkingatbestbuy
Januaryphotoadaychallenge Janphotoaday Day10 childhood.
Januaryphotoadaychallenge Janphotoaday Day21 reflection. Of me. In a mirror. I know. It's boring.
Januaryphotoadaychallenge Day6 something I adore. Best-friend Amanda! :]