What difference, whether happens female friendship, man's friendship, friendship between sisters or friendship between the man and the woman.... Happens so that without the person in any way. And it is unimportant, what you a floor or growth. The proximit at Cofeteria.ru - мир чая и кофе in Tula, Russia
@dirkblauton Gooood morning Dirk :)
Touching words ✨
@Downwithkliff Thank you very much , magnificent weekend to you !!!
Good morning, wise woman!
@HelenaJareteg Good morning Beautiful Helena !:)
Good morning! Happy day.
@edumv88 Goood morning my dear Edu :) happppy day to you , hugs to my friend :p
Beautiful words. Good morning. I hope that your friendship lasts forever beautiful
love to you !!
@hsaoman Good morning :) have great Saturday ! I always appreciate and I respect the friends :)
A friend is the one of the nicest things you can have, And one of the best things you can be. FRIENDSHIP isnt a big thing.... it is a million little things...
@hsaoman In my life there were "friends" which betrayed me, but I never ceased to believe in them. And even then, when our ways dispersed forever, in my heart always there is a place for them. Never it is impossible to delete from the lives of people because they were part me...:)
You are a noble woman :)
@hsaoman Thanks a lot for your words! ! ! If in the world there is a good, everything will be good :)
embrace difference ! <3
My friends enemies are my enemies !!
@fototree Thank you Teresa :)
@geebee96780 My friend It is small part me :)!
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