Love it!! 
And so beautiful new avatar!!!! 
@tarulp Aw, thank you again, Taru!
@fck187 My thanks to you, dear friend!
I thank you again, Pablo!
Great perspective, I love shadows not people shadows but other things shadows, give interesting shapes and sense of mistery, well balance photo.
@stanpeed Thank you so much, my friend!☺
@dorislbritton Thank you very much, Doris! Appreciate it, my friend!
@jen_the_ordinary Thank you so much, Jen! I know what you mean! That's what I loved about the shot. The shadows came out in such a way that I had to use this one! Thanks again, Jen!☺
@helinelam Thank you so much, dear friend!☺
Excellent !! :-)
@_eid Thank you very much, my friend!
Very good angle, good photo
@randomartunlimited Thank you my friend! I am grateful for your comments!
@wallyarqui Thank you so much, my friend! I value your feedback!
Yuni I think BrianK deleted his EyeEm account. Did he say anything to you?
@frankiefoto No. Not a word. I didn't even realize it until you said something. Any ideas as to why? I hope he didn't! He's such a great guy!
@frankiefoto I can't find him either! I guess he did!
@Burnningbridges Trish said he closed his IG account to. @CourtAndSpark I'm going to miss his funny comments. Great guy. I wonder why he did it.
Probably a break. He'll be back!
@CourtAndSpark I hope so, Trish! It's like a second little family here on EyeEm. I hope he's doing okay! Thanks, My friend!
@CourtAndSpark @Burnningbridges let's hope he comes back. Yuni I would never leave without saying goodbye. When I closed my IG account I posted a good bye letter for a few days.
That's good to know, Franco! And I, of course, would do the same thing!
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